What We Do

New Current Water & Land, LLC offers non-traditional consulting services focused on the assessment, development, management, acquisition and banking of water supplies throughout California and the Western United States. Utilizing the unique experience, reputation and contacts of its four principals, New Current helps clients investing in agriculture and pursing other water-related projects understand the complicated world of Western water so that they can avoid the pitfalls that have historically limited success.

New Current provides multi-faceted strategic planning services to investors, farming organizations and others seeking to develop long-range approaches to water supply, water development and water management. New Current can review and evaluate existing and prospective water supplies and advise clients how to best manage those supplies. New Current also assists its clients by creating or locating new supplies and water-related projects, prioritizing and addressing water-related needs and challenges, and formulating long-term strategies.

Since 2015, New Current has devoted substantial effort to helping clients position themselves to manage the implementation of the California Groundwater Sustainability Act of 2014 (“SGMA”). SGMA is the most significant change in law affecting water management in the State of California in a century. It will affect virtually every agricultural water user in the state. New Current is available to advise farmers, water and groundwater sustainability agencies, investors and financial intuitions on the implementation of the new law and to serve as a resource to help understand and anticipate how SGMA will affect their individual circumstances.

New Current also utilizes the background, experience and contacts of its principals to find and develop innovative and implementable solutions to water-related issues, including creating and securing new water supplies. New Current assists in bringing private capital to infrastructure and other projects when more traditional funding is impractical or unavailable, and works with governmental agencies, local water purveyors, water users and investors to create investment opportunities for the private sector and new options for the public sector.

New Current can also assist in locating and evaluating farmland and, where necessary, pairing that land with new water supplies. We provide strategic advice and analysis on investments in management of water supplies.

The legal and regulatory schemes governing water are complex, as are the physical, environmental and political considerations that affect virtually every water-related transaction in the West. Moreover, the water business is often based on personal relationships with key players and an understanding of local concerns. The four principals of New Current have more than 125 years of complementary experience dealing with water and agriculture with substantial “on the ground” experience, and have combined their knowledge, skills and contacts to offer a different approach to water-related projects and agricultural investments.

Please see our Representative Projects and Engagements page for examples of projects we can perform. Please note that New Current does not provide legal, engineering or lobbying services.