Representative Projects and Engagements

The following is a description of projects and engagements that are representative of the services offered by New Current Water and Land, LLC.

Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

New Current prepares assessments of SGMA impacts, monitors SGMA implementation status, assesses property vulnerability and opportunities relative to SGMA implementation, and assists in the development and implementation of integrated water management plans for agricultural operations.

Land Acquisition Support

New Current can analyze water supplies and other water-related attributes and needs of properties for purchasers, lenders and investors.

Project Development

New Current assists in identifying, conceiving and developing projects that create water supply, storage, banking, conveyance and other benefits.

Strategic Support

New Current provides strategic planning and resource management support to address water issues for agricultural properties in California and elsewhere in the West.

Habitat Mitigation Development

New Current can facilitate habitat mitigation projects, and has successfully assisted in the development and implementation of tidal marsh habitat restoration projects.

Water Acquisition

New Current can help identify and secure additional water supplies; for example, on behalf of a large food processor, New Current developed a water needs assessment and water supply acquisition plan to provide supplemental water supply for product suppliers within an acceptable range of costs, diversity and other relevant considerations.

Investment Support

New Current can help identify and develop water-related, agricultural and renewable energy investment and/or management opportunities to agricultural interests and investors.

Water Utilization

New Current can help maximize the value of existing water assets; for example, New Current has assisted a water agency with substantial unexercised water rights develop a strategy to promote and attract agricultural development that includes identifying and introducing prospective agricultural developers to initiate implementation of the plan.