Who We Are


New Current Water and Land, LLC, principals have access and insight to how water is developed, bought and sold, as well as to what is needed to facilitate the movement of water from those willing to sell to those willing to buy, including the regulatory and political acumen to make projects happen and deals close.┬áNew Current’s principals are also well ingrained in the agricultural community and understand the economy of the San Joaquin Valley. They have assisted in the development and management of farm land and various aspects of the food processing industry throughout the San Joaquin Valley, and have access to the industry leaders throughout that sector.

Gary W. Sawyers

Gary is recognized for his work with agricultural interests, developers, public agencies and other water purveyors statewide on a wide array of water-related matters. He is also recognized for his expertise in agribusiness matters. Gary is regularly involved in water transfers, analysis of water supplies, water banking projects, environmental compliance, as well as a wide range of legislative and regulatory efforts. He has also assisted in the development of numerous fishery improvement programs throughout California. In addition, Gary assists privately held businesses of all sizes and publicly traded companies with their transactional needs. His experience includes real estate, leasing, acquisitions and mergers, entity formation and structuring, and commercial transactions. Contact Gary at (559) 449-1111, his cell at (559) 360-9003 or GSawyers@NewCurrentWater.com

Richard M. “Dick” Moss

Dick has more than 35 years of experience in agricultural engineering, civil engineering, water resources planning and policy development, major conveyance facility operation and maintenance, government relations, contract/agreement development, organizational management, agricultural water conservation, and environmental law compliance. He is a registered civil engineer in the state of California. His areas of expertise include: agricultural water conservation, water rights, water transfers, state and federal environmental compliance. He is a partner and a principal in the civil and agricultural engineering and planning firm of Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group with offices located in Fresno, Clovis, Los Banos, Modesto, Bakersfield and Visalia, California. Previously Dick served as the General Manager of the Friant Water Users Authority from its inception in 1986 until September 2001 (when he left to start his own civil engineering consulting firm) and was responsible to a 25-member board of directors of member agencies (Kern, Tulare, and Fresno Counties) providing water to 1 million acres of farmland in the Friant Division of the Central Valley Project. Contact Dick at (559) 449-1111, his cell at (559) 280-7410 or RMoss@NewCurrentWater.com

Daniel M. Dooley

Dan has more than 35 years of experience in agricultural, resources and water policy/legal issues. Since January of 2008, Dan has served the University of California, Office of the President, first as the Vice President of Agriculture and Natural Resources and then as the Senior Vice President for External Relations. Previously Dan was involved in a number of matters related to water, natural resources and business interests and developed a reputation for helping clients successfully bridge economic and environmental interests. He served as the Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Food & Agriculture, Chair of the California Water Commission and member of the National Academy of Sciences, Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources. He was a partner from 1980-2002 in the family-owned Dooley Farms, a diversified San Joaquin Valley farming operation producing cotton, alfalfa, tomatoes and walnuts, which continues operation under next generation family management. Contact Dan at (559) 449-1111, his cell at (916) 206-9537 or DDooley@NewCurrentWater.com

David L. Orth

Dave has more than 30 years of experience in public administration, fiscal management, and water resources policy development and implementation spanning federal, state and local levels. Dave is recognized for his collaborative leadership and approach to solving complex issues. He has successfully developed and implemented large capital projects and programs, and he has participated in complex contract and settlement negotiations. Previously, Dave served as general manager of Kings River Conservation District, a regional water resource management agency involved in power generation, flood management and integrated water resource planning, and as general manager and director of finance of Westlands Water District, the nations largest federal irrigation contractor located on the westside of the San Joaquin Valley. Orth is a member of the California Water Commission. Contact Dave at (559) 449-1111, his cell at (559) 289-2181 or DOrth@NewCurrentWater.com